Trooping Incentive Program

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The Great Docking Bay 94 Photo Heist of 2018

Share your trooping photos at THIS LINK to become eligible for all three kinds of loot.

Check the status board HERE!

1. Photo of the month

When you take photos, try for something especially creative and fun. Each month, we’ll pick a photo to feature. (Note that current Detachment staff are ineligible for obvious reasons)

2. The Kessel Run

94 troops. Less than 12 months. (Get it? less than 12?? Nevermind…)

The better we do, the less embarrassing the commemorative merch will be. How about a nice Greedo Shot First patch? Or a Fourteen Parsecs patch? Nobody wants that!

(For a photo to count as proof of a troop, you need the date, event name, and city. And your costume of course! Multi-day events count as multiple troops if you post a photo for each one.)

3. Galaxy’s Most Wanted

Represent your favorite character when you troop for a chance to win them the title of “Galaxy’s Most Wanted” and (you guessed it) another piece of commemorative merch at the end of the year!

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