DB94 Command Staff – 2018/19

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(Note: Vacant roles will be filled informally via recommendation, PM, etc. Message me if you’re interested)

Coryphefish (Colleen J)
Detachment Commanding Officer (DCO)
Leads the detachment and responsible for all endeavors and regular operations.
Works alongside other officers to plan and implement policies and projects.
Coordinates with detachment community on projects that span multiple detachments.

Detachment Executive Officer (DXO)
Runs main detachment operations with the CO
Helps prioritize projects and fills in for other staff members
Coordinates with detachment community on projects that span multiple detachments.

Amelia (Emily Haas)
Detachment Costuming Membership Officer (DMO)
Manages build thread support, costume resources, and new costume standards
Coordinates costume standard rewrite project
Leads Character Captains

Detachment Community Membership Officer (DMO)
Primary admin for DB94 Facebook Community Group and assists PR Officer with Facebook page
Adds new members, coordinates with local Hangar Bays, and runs trooping incentive program.

Detachment Public Relations Officer (DPRO)
Coordinates with the LPRO to get promotional materials created and approved.
Serves as the point of contact on branding and PR matters on the website and elsewhere
Primary admin for DB94 Facebook page, assists Community Membership Officer with Facebook group

Detachment Merch Officer
Coordinates with Legion Merch Offier and Detachment PR Officer to organize all merch production for the Detachment and assists with hangar bays.

fleurderys ()
Detachment Webmaster
Works with web contributions from the rest of the team

Detachment Charity Officer
Finds opportunities to positively contribute to charitable causes on a detachment level through fundraisers, specialty troops coordinated with Hangar Bays, and more
Works with PR officer to highlight members’charitable efforts on social media

Wookiee Captain: (Vacant)
Rogue Captain: Leia
Smuggler Captain: Captain Solo (Evert Joosse)
Primary point of contact for all costuming questions in their section.
Assists Costuming Membership Officer with build threads, costume standards, and adding resources to website
Separate from costume judges. The theoretical “mirror” of a judge because most of their job happens before the costume is done.

Joe Solo (José Hermosa)
First Deck Officer
Represents Hangar Bay Deck Officers
Assists Community Membership Officer with all things Hangar Bay-related

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