October 2018 members

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Congratulations and welcome to Docking Bay 94 Detachment, it’s with great pleasure having you as an official members!

avillanueva Swedish Jyn Erso Railok Larphitupfuzzball Larphitupfuzzball
Dutchwookiee LandoBI FalconEngineer Cyonrand Policeman Bob
Sonfield Sonfield Sonfield Sonfield Sonfield
Leepay Leepay Jananichole Jananichole Mitthrawnuruodo
ThierrySade Grimmy low-endor IpoWook y2gabe2
mikey7876 Luke Skywalker mjudith sirmordred florenciaalvarez
Leia stardancer1914 Alan Steinberg Quialastaris



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