Detachment charter

This Charter serves to define the guidelines for the operation of this Rebel Legion Fringe costume group.


Article I : Mission

The mission and purpose of this detachment is five-fold:

  1. To promote Fringe Costumes and their Standards throughout the Rebel Legion.
  2. To maintain and advise the Legion Administrative Council on existing and future Fringe Costume Standards, including, but not limited to, membership, categories, and Docking Bay 94 Charter revisions.
  3. To provide the Legion Administrative Council with qualified individuals for the approval of all future Fringe costumes, and to provide a qualified pool of candidates to be available for events specifically requesting Fringe.
  4. To promote the creation and continued existence of Base Hangar Bays.
  5. To provide a network for the dissemination of information and resources pertaining to Fringe costuming.

All members of DB 94 are expected to be available as a resource to assist new Fringe costumers towards the completion of their costumes and to advise DB 94 on any changes needed to the standards of all costumes falling under the Detachment.

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Article II : Membership

Docking Bay 94 will include all Rebel Legion members with approved formal Fringe costumes from the Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, and the Expanded Universe. Examples of these costumes include but are not limited to the following: Generic New Republic, Generic Old Republic, Han Solo, Wookiees, Mirax and Lando Calrissian. The standards for these costumes are found in the Costuming section of the forum on the Rebel Legion website.

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Article III : Officers

The Command Staff of DB 94 will consist of a Detachment Commanding Officer (DCO) and a Detachment Executive Officer (DXO). The Docking Bay 94 Command Staff may create detachment Membership Officers, as needed, to provide administrative support.
Members of the Legion Administrative Council may not serve as DCO or DXO.

Each Base within the Rebel Legion containing a Hangar Bay must have a Command Unit consisting of a Deck Officer (DO) and an Assistant Deck Officer (ADO). Any Legion member within a Base with an approved Fringe costume may serve as that Base’s DO or ADO. Each Base Deck Officer or Assistant Deck Officer, as designated, will maintain a current list of members, the official Hangar Bay name, and the Hangar Bay’s logo.

Detachment and Hangar Bay Officers shall act as a resource for those seeking information on obtaining and constructing Fringe costumes throughout the Legion and in the Hangar Bay’s Base.

The Command Staff, Membership Officers, and Deck Officers of DB 94 will not receive any special powers or duties. They will not be part of The Rebel Command Council, or be given access to the RL Command forums, and do not form Rebel Legion policy. DB 94 Command Staff will be granted “Moderator” status on the Fringe Forums and all sub-forums. The purpose of DB 94 officers is to serve as an advisory body to the Rebel Legion Council. DB 94 Command Staff must forward all major changes to the operations of DB 94, including how it interacts with or represents the Rebel Legion, including changes to this Charter, to the Legion Council before implementation.

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Article IV : Elections

The DB 94 Commanding Officer will be elected on an annual basis to coincide with yearly Rebel Legion elections that take place in September. The DB 94 Commanding Officer will appoint the DB 94 Executive Officer. Detachment Membership Officers will be chosen by the Command Staff of DB 94 as needed. If the DB 94 Membership Officers or Detachment Leaders are no longer able to fulfill their duties or have been absent for an extended period of time, their replacements will be chosen by the Command Staff of DB 94 in a timely manner.

Deck Officers are elected into office by the members of each Hangar Bay on an annual basis to coincide with yearly elections and must be ratified by the Base Commander. The Assistant Deck Officers are appointed by the Base’s Deck Officers with approval by the Base CO. Should any issues arise with the abilities of the Deck Officer to fulfill their duty they can be removed from their office by their Base Commander, with the consensus of the Hangar Bay, and with consultation of DB 94 Executive Staff. In this matter, Hangar Bay command defaults to DB 94 Detachment Command until a suitable replacement candidate is found. Any removals of any Detachment officers must be reported to the Captain of the Guard and Legion Council before removal.

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Article V : Organization

  • Legion Council
  • DCO
  • DXO
  • Hangar Bay Command and Honorary Hangar Bay Chief
  • DMO
  • Section Command
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Article VI : Hangar Bays

DB 94 is responsible for the formation and administration of Hangar Bays in all Rebel Legion Bases. Hangar Bay requirements and regulations under DB 94 are as follows:

  • REGULATION 1 – Formation
    At least 3 members of a Base with formal Fringe costumes who have agreed on a Hangar Bay name are required to formally request Hangar Bay status. An application for this purpose can be found in the DB 94 Charter under “Amendment A” or requested from the DB 94 Command Staff.
  • REGULATION 2A – Base Hangar Bay (HB)
    Bases shall be limited to one Official Hangar Bay Designation per Base for all Fringe costumes. This includes the combination of Prequel and Original Trilogy Fringe.
  • REGULATION 2B – Sections
    Hangar Bays can be split into smaller sections based on geographical location within the Base, subject to the approval of both the Hangar Bay Command Unit and the Base Commander. These groupings will remain part of the Base Hangar Bay and shall be designated as Sections. Sections are not, in themselves, considered separate Hangar Bays. Sections may be dissolved at the discretion of the DB 94 Command Staff if they are seen as disruptive or if they become inactive. Members of Sections that have been dissolved are still members of the Base Hangar Bay.
  • REGULATION 2C – Section Administration
    Sections may have Section Chiefs (SC) assigned at the discretion of the Hangar Bay Command Unit. Section names are to be selected by the Hangar Bay with the input of the Fringe who would be assigned to it. Section names must conform to the same standards and regulations as Hangar Bay names (ARTICLE VI/REGULATIONS 4A & 4B).
  • REGULATION 2C – Section Administration
    Sections may have Section Chiefs (SC) assigned at the discretion of the Hangar Bay Command Unit. Section names are to be selected by the Hangar Bay with the input of the Fringe who would be assigned to it. Section names must conform to the same standards and regulations as Hangar Bay names (ARTICLE VI/REGULATIONS 4A & 4B).
  • REGULATION 3 – Command Units
    Each Hangar Bay must have a Hangar Bay Command Unit consisting of a Deck Officer (DO) and Assistant Deck Officer (ADO). The Deck Officer need not be the Base Commander in order to hold this position. However, the DO needs to be approved by the Base Commanding Officer in order to take the position. The Base Hangar Bay will function as a part of the Base in conjunction with DB 94.
  • REGULATION 4A – Hangar Bay Units & Crest
    Each Unit must have a unique Unit Designation (Hangar Bay name) in order to apply for Hangar Bay formation. Base Hangar Bay names and logos should fit within provable Star Wars nomenclature and graphical elements. The names of any Hangar Bays (HB) currently in use by existing Base Hangar Bays and/or Sections are restricted from further use. A Hangar Bay will reflect on its members and, as such, should be chosen by the Fringe that makes up the Hangar Bay. Voting for the Unit Designation will be limited to those Base members who have a Rebel Legion-approved Fringe costume.

    Hangar Bay logos or crests are not required for Hangar Bay formation. However it is recommended that a Hangar Bay logo or crest be created as soon as possible once the Hangar Bay is formed.

  • REGULATION 4C – Copyrighted Material
    Use of images from other copyrighted material (other than LFL material) is prohibited. While LFL gives the Rebel Legion wide latitude in the use of its copyrighted materials, other companies, groups, and organizations do not necessarily do so. Images based on copyrighted images that have been altered sufficiently so as not to be immediately recognizable as the original image may possibly be used, pending approval of the DB 94 Command Staff or Legion Council.
  • REGULATION 4D – Hangar Bay Membership
    DB 94 members must apply to the Hangar Bay Command Unit for acceptance as a member of their Base Hangar Bay.
  • REGULATION 4E – Hangar Bay Ratification
    DB 94 Command Staff will give final approval for the formation of Hangar Bays and for DB 94 crests or logos, after reviewing materials and application as per ARTICLE VI/REGULATIONS 4A, 4B, and 4C.
  • REGULATION 5A – Honorary Hangar Bay
    DB 94 may also form Legion-wide sub-units known as Honorary Hangar Bay. These units are not part of a particular Base, but rather report directly the DB 94 Command Staff (see ARTICLE V). Honorary Hangar Bays have limited scope that does not infringe upon the missions of DB 94, Base Commands, or the formation of Base Hangar Bays.

    Honorary Hangar Bays are for Fringe costumers who share an interest in a particular type of Fringe costume to form their own unit.

  • REGULATION 5B – Honorary Formation & Ratification
    DB 94 members wishing to create an Honorary Hangar Bay shall apply to the DB 94
    Command Staff through a written proposal as outlined in AMENDMENT B, Application to Form a DB 94 Honorary Hangar Bay. The application shall include a Unit Designation, proposed leader (Hanger Bay Chief), and description of the reason the members wish to form the unit. Upon approval by the DB 94 Command Staff, members may begin to use the Honorary Hangar Bay designation.
  • REGULATION 5C – Honorary Hangar Bay Administration
    Proposed Honorary Hangar Bay Chiefs must be approved by the DB 94 Command Staff before assuming office. Honorary Hangar Bays do not have seconds-in-command. Honorary Hangar Bay Chiefs serve “at-will” of the DB 94 Command Staff and may be replaced at any time at the DB 94 Command Staff’s discretion. Hangar Bay Chiefs shall serve as advisers to DB 94 regarding their particular Hangar Bay’s costumes. They shall be granted no additional rights or privileges beyond those of a Rebel Legion member.
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Last revision:

Rebel Legion Council: 27-oct-2009

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